Atek Software is expanding the team dedicated to custom product development.


  • Develop the front-end of a Web platform and take part in several implementation stages.
  • Be implicated in a serverless project and be responsible with the user interface.
  • Work on many collateral development areas: security, testing and optimization.
  • Use modern technologies like React and be in trend with the latest IT products.
  • Be part of a dynamic and motivated team.


  • Understanding of IT multi-tier systems using the MVC architecture
  • Solid knowledge of essential front-end technologies: HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Experience with a modern front-end framework: Angular, React or VueJS
  • Finalized or in progress superior studies: computer science, computers, mathematics or engineering


  • Experience with styling technologies: Bootstrap, AntD, MaterialUI, etc.
  • Specific notions of Web application development: HTTP, REST API, GraphQL, etc.
  • Base understanding of security models in serverless systems
  • Solid knowledge of React: Components, Hooks, Redux, RTK, etc.
  • Version control systems: Git, Bazaar or SVN


  • Competitive salary level based on skills
  • Agile methodology based development
  • Position providing an introspective into the work-flow of an IT company
  • Development of products with visible impact into the local community